Coma Web Development разрабатывает сайты на WordPress c 2010 года. В блоге мы делимся некоторыми наблюдениями из жизни, советами и рекомендациями для тех, кто решит сделать сайт на WordPress самостоятельно.

“Coma Web Development is incredibly proud and humbled by this award from Clutch. We strive to live up to our values, our solutions, and most importantly — community of our clients.” — Vadim Pavlovich, CEO of Coma Web Development

Find top firms for your next big project

Find top firms for your next big project

In the digital age, good design is more important than ever. Here at Coma Web Development, we offer our customers world-class web design solutions. Because of this, we’ve been named a top B2B company in Eastern Europe by Clutch.

Based in Washington D.C., Clutch is a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform that uses verified client feedback to evaluate service providers. We currently rank third on Clutch’s Latvia list of top web design companies and have a perfect five-star score on Clutch. We’d like to thank our clients for taking the time to give us such great feedback.

In a recent project, we performed WordPress development for a freelance accountant:

“I’m satisfied with the finished website, and I’ve already drawn some customers online… They showed me progress throughout the course of the engagement.” — Oksana Novasa, Freelance Accountant

“I’m satisfied with the finished website, and I’ve already drawn some customers online… They showed me progress throughout the course of the engagement.” — Oksana Novasa, Freelance Accountant


Our work is also featured on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. Prospective buyers can use objective research from The Manifest to navigate the world of B2B service providers. Clutch also features high-quality companies at Visual Objects’ list of web experts. A platform where companies can showcase their design work to the public, Visual Objects offers buyers a chance to see what their potential partners can do.

If you want to start a project with us, feel free to contact us today!

For any business, whether you’re new to the market or working to re-establish your brand, having a solid online presence is essential. Specifically, maintaining a strong website that effectively connects with consumers and reflects your brand accurately are what determines a company’s overall success. For these reasons, it’s important to select the right website builder that will suit your business. And while there are many to choose from, the key reasons below explain why WordPress is the best content management system in the game right now.


First, WordPress is an extremely flexible tool and is easily adaptable for changing needs. Of course, there are an endless array of businesses out there. Whether you need ecommerce functionality, a portfolio site, or a personal blog, WordPress can be used in a variety of different ways, making it accessible and functional for any person’s individual needs.


Second, WordPress is extremely user-friendly, especially for beginners. The tool is intuitive to use and includes many simple features that any person can understand, even without a technical background. Best of all, it takes no time at all to get your site up and running. With just a few steps, your business can go from no website at all to a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing site that gets your brand off the ground.


Finally, WordPress is free! To set up a basic website on WordPress, there’s no cost associated, making it an incredibly appealing option for small businesses looking to get started as soon as possible. For free, your company can build a credible online presence, and you can join WordPress’s extremely supportive community, where users can connect online and support each other’s growth.


At Coma Web Development, our team is very familiar with the benefits of using WordPress, and it’s a vital resource we use daily to help support our clients’ growth. We’ve been in the development industry since 2012 and have seen firsthand how important it is for businesses to have a strong online presence to achieve their goals.


Because of our team’s experience in creating custom software and websites for our partners, we’ve been able to build our own brand recognition in the development field. We’ve even been spotlighted by the B2B reviews site, Clutch, where they’ve featured Coma Web Development amongst the best WordPress developers in 2019.


Our team works hard to build our skillset in software development because we know how important it is to have a strong website to stand out as a leading agency. Consumers are online constantly and will use your website to determine if you’re a good fit for their business needs. Make sure you convince these buyers to select your team over others by using WordPress as your CRM of choice. And if you need help in setting it up? Reach out to us at Coma Web Development today and we’ll be happy to get started on a new project.

WordPress becoming more popular during the last years. Previously, WordPress has been used only by blogs. Nowadays, WordPress also provides and supports business pages, web stores, and news portals. However, not all of us know about other WordPress advantages.

Today we are happy to share with you interesting facts about WordPress

  • As we already mentioned, WordPress is widely used for blogs. According to the last statistics, around half out of most 100 popular blogs are running on WordPress platform. That indicates that WordPress is a preferable platform among famous bloggers. It shows that WordPress is also chosen by professionals who earn via their blogs.
  • Around 20 posts are published on WordPress platform each second. WordPress is a well designed free platform. Even beginners without previous experience may find it convenient to use. However, hiring WordPress developer can avoid mistakes and save your time to optimize your blog in the efficient wait from the beginning of its appearance on the Internet.
  • Around 40000 plugins are available on WordPress website. This figure keeps growing every day. You can easy download and access these plugins. Do not forget to use the most important plugins for your website not to overload your site. Increased numbers of plugins make loading slower. Take a look at WordPress articles about plugins and their purposes.
  • If you are still worried about WordPress language restrictions, we are happy to let you know that there are more than 40 translations available on WordPress. You do not have to restrict yourself to one language. You can choose any language which fits better to your website.
  • To all of you who is still not convinced about WordPress popularity we are delighted to tell you that around 3 millions use WordPress as their CMS. To find out more about WordPress CMS check this article.
  • WordPress is not only convenient for the bloggers but also for customers. WordPress show the massive traffic during the last moths. The average monthly page review rate reached higher than 14 billion. That shows how user-friendly is the platform.
  • The last but not least, WordPress. com has less than 500 employees providing an opportunity for WordPress developers and designers living from WordPress.

Coma Web Development is happy to help you to make your WordPress site efficient, user-friendly and convenient for your customers. Do not hesitate to contact us. We keep our promises and meet deadlines!

Coma Web Development is happy to share with you all the WordPress SEO tips for your website. It can be you private or business blog but you wish to get a payback from it. You may spend hours to optimize your content, however still do not be happy about the result. We summarized for you the most important factors how to optimize your website. The first step is to find your blog which can build a large readership. It is difficult to create a successful blog without search engine optimization.

Nowadays WordPress is one of the most popular blogging applications in the world. WordPress blog provides you easy cont management system, where you can easily design and publicize content without an IT background. However, search engine optimization is needed for the better ranking even if a user may fulfill all WordPress blog requirements. Without a blog optimization, it can be difficult to reach constant high ranks. Some may think that search engine optimization is needed only for online shops. That is wrong. All blogs require WordPress SEO.
There are many steps to optimize your blog. We decided to discuss the most important tips for your WordPress blog.

Good content

It is not the secret that a good and relevant content is an important par for a successful SEO, including WordPress SEO. Without high-quality content, it will be difficult to retain customers and gain loyal readers. Interesting and good quality content increase visitors’ number, improves blog competitiveness and external links are rewarded with better Google ranking. In order to provide high-quality content prepare up-to-date information for your readers. Get into deep research before you create a new post. Together with Google trends research process can become easier for you. Remember, making irrelevant content makes your readers leave a website and decrease traffic. Also, you can improve site quality combining with multimedia content. Except for the quality issue, you should also be aware of the quantity. According to WordPress SEO suggestions, weekly content updates is an essential part of success.

Images optimization

The reason of long loading time can be oversized images. In order to decrease your site’s loading time and optimize WordPress performance, we suggest compressing the images. That can be done before you upload images. There are the variety of tools which are available for the image formatting. One of them can be plugin WP Smush which you can find on WordPress which offers automatic optimization of images. Also, you can try to use BJ Lazy Load and EWWW Image Optimiser plugins.

Internal links

Effective search engine optimization includes a well-structures internal link system which is rewarded by Google. In order to increase the rating of your blog, it is good to idea to make a link to your previous article. Be aware that link should fit the context of your article. Make sure that you categorize a content and links. We recommend around 7 tags per article to increase user friendliness.

Customized permalinks

Every time when you create a post or page, permalinks are automatically created. However, these permalinks are not searched engine optimized. To optimize permalinks you have to enter setting on the WordPress dashboard. You can also find their automatic configurations, like the post name or something similar to that. There is also an opportunity to adjust pre-generated permalinks to improve WordPress SEO.

Caching plugins

The main goal of caching plugins is the generation of a static version of a site, which dramatically improves site performance. Every time when your customer view next page, WordPress derives content from the database to assemble the page. Of course, it may increase loading time. Caching plugins for WordPress can define specific parameters like the validity and other caching options. We suggest W3 Total Cache, W3 Super Cache and Caching for WordPress.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are looking for a good free option to optimize WordPress SEO, Yoast plugin may suit you. Yoast is a well-known plugin which provides numerous functions. The other advantage of the plugin is its simple operation. You will get a variety of feature: keyword analysis, generating XML sitemaps for Google Analytics, automatic creation of meta information, snippet preview, tracking down duplicate content and configuration of .htaccess file without FTP. Paid Yoast plugin version give you a greater range of functions.

Read more about WordPress SEO. Find how to make your WordPress work faster.

Coma Web Development provides a list of suggested WordPress newsletter plugins that includes a registration form. Newsletters are still counted as an important long-term component of online marketing which helps to retain customers. You will find out that some plugins can create and manage newsletters. Find the best WordPress newsletter plugin for your website. Make communication with your customers better. It is not the secret that newsletters are still an effective tool for sharing information with customers.

Finding the right WordPress newsletter plugins is not that easy. It can take you several days to pick up the right plugin. WordPress provides a great choice of different newsletter plugins. Remember that not all plugins are independent plugins. Some of them connect WordPress to an external newsletter service. It can be difficult to choose the right one straight away. Coma Web Development will optimize your decision-making process. Of course, subscription offers free service, however, to unlock all features payment is required. No worries! Different price categories are provided for you to choose the right plugin. As we mentioned previously, there is a wide range of plugins, just make sure that your WordPress version is compatible.

Take your time to read about popular WordPress newsletter plugins together with Coma.

MailPoet Newsletters

The free MailPoet Newsletters version allows unlimited e-mails up to 2000 customers, where you can complete WordPress newsletter package. There are several versions plugins. MailPoet Newsletter plugin is available for bloggers, agencies, and freelancers. Get the plugin version which fit you better. This plugin provides information about how many subscribers open newsletter and click on a featured link. You will get more than 50 templates to choose from. Also, get advantage from a drag-and-drop tool to build your newsletters features from scratch. MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin requires at least version 3.3.

Chimpy Newsletters

Most of you know MailChimp but not all know that Chimpy links the e-mail marketing system MailChimp to WordPress. First, you need to acquire a MailChimp API key. With this plugin, you will have a chance to send up to 12000 e-mail newsletters to 2000 subscribers each month. The plugin allows sync of all your existing WordPress customers. Also, you can add sign-up boxes with different settings for one WordPress project. However, this plugin requires at least WordPress version 3.5.

The Newsletter Plugin

If you wish to build and operate WordPress newsletter, the Newsletter Plugin provides all the necessary functions for that. All you need to download the plugin. All you need is to open the WordPress plugin folder and active it. In the free version, you find a visual editor for your e-mail newsletter. It allows you to send unlimited e-mails to unlimited recipients. The plugin requires WordPress at least version 3.4. The premium package is also available for you. The plugin offers support for premium account holders and also access to further extensions. The WordPress Newsletter Plugin offers you a detailed statistics about customers.

CleverReach Newsletter

CleverReach Newsletter free version allows sending 1000 e-mails up to 250 customers. Additional features are available after the payment. You can try a monthly subscription to get known with this plugin. Do not forget that with this plugin you can get up to 100000 recipients for your WordPress. CleverReach Newsletter operates not only with WordPress but also with other external services. This plugin requires API key to connect to WordrPress. API key will be sent to you during the registration. Then you will get a confirmation saying that software has been successfully integrated. In order to configure the newsletter sign-up box, you have to enter admin section. The plugin requires WordPress at least version 3.9.

MyMail Newsletter

As you already know, MyMail also works without an additional newsletter tool. This plugin requires at least WordPress 3.5. This plugin lets you create campaigns with pre-existing templates. Later you can modify these templates. Newsletters can be automatically sent to subscribers at the particular hours. Also, newsletters are optimized for mobile devices. That helps you to coordinate newsletters sending about WordPress entries. MyMail provides you list of existing WordPress users’ entries, or you can import recipient list as CSV file. MyMail plugin can be used for one website. Every next website needs an additional subscription charge.

Read more about WordPress tips. Find how to make your WordPress work faster.

Coma Web Development is happy to share with you WordPress optimization tips. WordPress optimization leads to better performance results, where the number of satisfied customers constantly increases and the bounce rate goes down. That is a key approach to achieve a better Google rating.

Improvements in search engine rankings can be achieved with increased speed, where customers observe quicker and more functional pages on your website. That makes more comfortable and improves visitors’ journey on your website. We are happy to share several tricks how to optimize WordPress performance. Here you can find five steps of WordPress optimization.

Optimize CSS

Reduce JavaScript and optimize CSS codes to improve WordPress performance. We suggest starting with blank space reduction and deleting unnecessary instructions. That are basics of WordPress optimization. The other way to optimize your site can be possibly achieved with the several files condensation in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests. Try to use CSS Minifier, CSS Compressor, or CSS Compressor tools for a code.

Image size optimization

The reason of long loading time can be oversized images. In order to decrease your site’s loading time and optimize WordPress performance, we suggest compressing the images. That can be done before you upload images. There are the variety of tools which are available for the image formatting. One of them can be plugin WP Smush which you can find on WordPress which offers automatic optimization of images. Also, you can try to use BJ Lazy Load and EWWW Image Optimiser plugins.

Do not forget to clear up your database

There is no doubt that the size of the database directly influences the speed of the database queries. As you already know, WordPress sites have automatic backups. As the result, that leads to unwanted data, like spam comments, deleted articles, or drafts. Of course, that can slow down the performance of your website. It takes the time to clear up your database but it is worth it. To clear up your database you can use WP Clean Up, WP Optimise and Optimise Database after Deleting Revisions.


The main goal of caching plugins is the generation of a static version of a site, which dramatically improves site performance. Every time when your customer view next page, WordPress derives content from the database to assemble the page. Of course, it may increase loading time. Caching plugins for WordPress can define specific parameters like the validity and other caching options. We suggest W3 Total Cache, W3 Super Cache and Cachify for WordPress.

Reduce the number of plugins

Finally, we come to the point where it is important to optimize a number of plugins. WordPress has a variety of free plugins which you can use. However, the increasing amount of plugins may lead to decreased site performance. It is important to decide which plugins are used more often. You can try to use The Plugin Performance Profiler to identify which plugins causing the website performance run slowly.

Do not forget:

Before you start WordPress optimization process, do double check how fast is your WordPress website. There are many available tools to find out how well your website perform and what should be improved.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix provides users with a broad performance analysis. The results are prioritized, allowing website owners to find out what should be optimized. You will be provided with average and overall performance result which you can compare directly with other relevant sites. Provision of feedback on each criteria with recommended steps to be taken to improve your website performance is an additional advantage of the tool.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights breaks down analysis into two parts: technical and user experience aspects. The technical aspects provide the loading time analysis, where you get the report as “adjustment required”, “adjustment recommended”, or  “passed”. However, the tool does not update about complete loading time. Experience analysis observes several aspects, for example, whether the navigation display on the mobile is big enough. As you already realized, that tool is available for the mobile version of the websites.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

WordPress provides the P3 plugin performance profiler which you can get for free from the WordPress plugin directory. The tool analyses the overall WordPress site’s performance. You will find the entire download time for the installed plugins and the runtime of individual installations.

Probably you asked yourself why should I use WordPress? Why is WordPress CMS better choice for me? What are advantages and disadvantages of it? In this article, we explain why WordPress CMS is a good choice. Take your time to overview features, new themes, plugins and WordPress CMS extensions.

As you already know CMS WordPress has been the premium blogging software for a long time. However, WordPress provides and supports business pages, web stores, and news portals. However, WordPress try to stay as simple as possible. That is a big advantage for the customers. An installation of WordPress takes few minutes and is explained step by step. If you wish to host your own WordPress site, do not forget about a web server, a MySQL, and PHP.

Those who prefer another approach can run a website on WordPress directly. All you need is to register on WordPress. There are two choices for you: free and premium package version. The free version is limited in its function and less web space is available. With paid premium package you get more web space, no ads, featuring a custom domain and other benefits.

Where should I start?

Hosting website might not be that easy, unlikely you are experienced. While WordPress download from is an optimal option for those, who wants to understand a website’s technical background. Also, it is a good opportunity for the beginners to learn about maintenance of the website and serves. WordPresss’ features diversity improves control over site management, making it even easier for beginners. If you are looking for more extended functions and themes, better to choose The other WordPress variant also provides plugins but they are more limited.

For beginners or inexperienced users, we suggest starting with Being a new to WordPress is better to focus on the content of the website than worrying about setting up a server and maintaining the system. You will not need to take care of general safety precautions and struggle to use the plugins. Everything will be simplified for you! It will take you less time and effort to create your website. However, if you wish to have a professional website and do not spend hours to make it, we offer a help for the reasonable price.

After we found out what is the difference between these two WordPress versions, let’s look at WordPress features. Next part of the article will focus more on self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress features

As we mentioned previously, WordPress is easy to use. Being a user of WordPress, you do not need to be experienced in PHP or HTML. Of course, there are many features but let’s look at the basic features. Writing the articles or improving existing content is an important part of success. In this occasion, your choice can be a WYSIWYG editor. In order to add images and videos, you can use a WordPress Media Library. With other features, your website users can subscribe to posts on their newsfeed. They will be able to create their own account in order to get access to the right parts of the website and also comment posts. Finally, you can get a responsive design for the back and the front end of the WordPress site. That features are helpful especially for bloggers, however, they are also useful for company websites, online magazines, web stores, news portals, and community platforms.

WordPress CMS extensions and SEO plugins

The other advantage of the WordPress CMS is a huge number of add-ons. You can find around 40000 extensions or even more. We would not discuss here each of them but let’s look at some of the best. WooCommerce is an online trading plugin which helps WordPress users to implement a web shop to their website. WordPress is considered as a secure CMS, however, an additional security can be helpful. Wordfence Security is a good option to protect a website from malware. In order to create a quick and easy backup, you can use WP-DPBackup. One of the most popular tools is Jetpack. It gives you an access to many other tools to optimize WordPress. Also, Jetpack can increase site traffic.

There are many SEO plugins which you can choose to optimize your website. For instance, Yoast SEO provides page analysis, optimize meta and links elements. Also, it integrates with social media. Google XML Sitemaps creates sitemaps. If you wish to get the suggestion about which action should be taken, we advise trying Broken Link Checker. More about WordPress SEO you can find in this article.

WordPress themes

The theme is a template which determines the design of a website. WordPress provides a large number of themes. Choosing a particular theme is an important step to get a successful website. The theme of your website can highlight a particular function of your website. Also, choosing the right theme makes your website more accessible. Be aware, some themes and plugins can be harmful to your website. Unfortunately, not all extensions are produced be professional developers. In order to protect the system update your extensions regularly.

Coma Web Development offering you a professional and functional suite of WordPress website services of the highest quality. Coma Web Development has a great experience in WordPress development. We work with different kinds of WordPress sites like small business website, blogs, eCommerce sites, sales funnels etc. Let us know how we can help you in your project. However, we still would like to to explain what a customer should consider working with WordPress developer. We prepared for you a list of functions which good WordPress developer should have.

Tips to hire WordPress developer.

  • The experience of good WordPress developer is an important factor to consider. A WordPress developer who has competed for nearly 50+ websites can be called as an experienced WordPress developer. However, the variety of websites may play a greater role. Make sure that he/she knows how to work with your type of website.
  • He/she should know in-depth how WordPress system works. Experienced WP developer should know themes, plugins, folder structure etc.
  • The WordPress developer should definitely have a knowledge in coding. He/she should have an experience in HTML, CSS, PHP and Mysql.
  • He/she need to have a good design eye. Some design skills like Photoshop are also essential for WP developer.
  • WP should be experienced in UI design, Image optimization, Mobile Responsive, Page Speed optimization and W3C.
  • He/she need to have an understanding in a search engine like Google in order to write or customize code accordingly.
  • Make sure that WP developer meet al deadlines. However, before that, it is important to explain what you want exactly. Clarify your goals and objectives of a website.
  • Of course, do not forget to check previous WordPress website projects. You can also contact the previous clients to get the feedback. Look at our projects.

As you already know, WordPress provides a lot of contact form, more than 1500 contact form plugins. It can be difficult to choose the right one. Coma Web Development is happy to tell you about six most popular contact form plugins for WordPress. Let’s compare together advantages and disadvantages.

Gravity Forms

We start our list with Gravity Forms plugin. Gravity Forms is a paid contact form plugin. This plugin provides all the advanced functionality and is considered as a strong contact form plugin for WordPress. Gravity Forms is a paid contact form plugin that has all the advanced functionality one can ask for. You can use Gravity Forms to create a quiz, surveys, user submitted content, and web directory. However, the additional add-ons are needed for this function. This plugin provides a great support service.

Any time struggling with this plugin, you can get a preferable support, like email, FAQ, forums, and knowledge base. Such powerful plugin support makes plugin’s using more comfortable and easier. Of course, there are limitations in this plugin. For instance, there is no a free version, so it requires some investment there. This plugin can be cost efficient if you have multiple sites and projects where Gravity Forms can be used for all of them. If you are WPBeginner user, do not forget to use Gravity Forms coupon to get a discount.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a great plugin for those who want to create a highly interactive form with a little effort. WordPress provides Ninja forms plugin for free. If you have several projects, all you need is to download it from each site separately. However, all premium extensions are only accepted with paid version. It includes Campaign Monitor, Freshbooks, SMS notification and many others. Both paid and free version are supported with guides and other support options.

Contact Form 7

The biggest advantage of using Contact Form 7 is a price. You are allowed to install this plugin on many sites as you wish. Contact Form 7 provides several free third-party plugins which can be used as add-on plugins. However, this plugin is not that easy to set up. The user interface is not that easy to understand from the first time. Also, support options are limited in this plugin. It is important to consider if you are an absolute beginner. The user interface is not very intuitive. Since it is a free plugin, support options are limited.


WPForms plugin is one of the friendliest plugins for the beginner. The goal of this plugin is to provide the easiest and the most powerful service as possible. WPForms’ drag and drop online builder provide one of the best user-friendly options. You can get this plugin for free and use it for many sites as you like. In order to build multi-pages forms, emails subscription forms, payment forms and other forms, you need to purchase a premium version. Only with the premium tool, you can unlock all powerful features. You will be provided with documentation, guides, and email support to answer your question.

Pirate Forms

Getting a free WordPress contact form plugin can save your cost or can be useful if your budget is minimized. In that occasion, Pirate forms suit you. It provides you a simple interface and is especially useful if you are aiming to create simple contact forms. Pirate has all needed basic features, like CAPTCHA and SMTP, to create a contact form. However, if you are aiming to create a subscription form or payment integration, this plugin may not be useful for. It depends on how complex form do you want in the end.

Formidable Pro

Recently, Formidable Pro became a popular choice for many WordPress developers and users. You will be amassed how simple and easy this plugin allows you to create a nice contact form. However, additional plugin features are only adaptable with premium form plugin. The costs of premium plugin vary with the version of the plugin. The standard and unlimited plans provide 12 add-ons, which integrate through Zapier addon with MailChimp, Basecamp, and many other services. In comparison to other plugins, Gravity Forms is a new plugin.