WordPress becoming more popular during the last years. Previously, WordPress has been used only by blogs. Nowadays, WordPress also provides and supports business pages, web stores, and news portals. However, not all of us know about other WordPress advantages. Today we are happy to share with you interesting facts about WordPress As we already mentioned, […]

Coma Web Development is happy to share with you all the WordPress SEO tips for your website. It can be you private or business blog but you wish to get a payback from it. You may spend hours to optimize your content, however still do not be happy about the result. We summarized for you […]

Coma Web Development provides a list of suggested WordPress newsletter plugins that includes a registration form. Newsletters are still counted as an important long-term component of online marketing which helps to retain customers. You will find out that some plugins can create and manage newsletters. Find the best WordPress newsletter plugin for your website. Make […]

Coma Web Development is happy to share with you WordPress optimization tips. WordPress optimization leads to better performance results, where the number of satisfied customers constantly increases and the bounce rate goes down. That is a key approach to achieve a better Google rating. Improvements in search engine rankings can be achieved with increased speed, […]

Probably you asked yourself why should I use WordPress? Why is WordPress CMS better choice for me? What are advantages and disadvantages of it? In this article, we explain why WordPress CMS is a good choice. Take your time to overview features, new themes, plugins and WordPress CMS extensions. As you already know CMS WordPress […]

Coma Web Development offering you a professional and functional suite of WordPress website services of the highest quality. Coma Web Development has a great experience in WordPress development. We work with different kinds of WordPress sites like small business website, blogs, eCommerce sites, sales funnels etc. Let us know how we can help you in your […]

As you already know, WordPress provides a lot of contact form, more than 1500 contact form plugins. It can be difficult to choose the right one. Coma Web Development is happy to tell you about six most popular contact form plugins for WordPress. Let’s compare together advantages and disadvantages. Gravity Forms We start our list […]

Coma Web Development is happy to share with you the main WordPress terms. Opening your blog and website requires terms knowledge. We provide the basic WordPress terminology without which it will be difficult to understand how WordPress works. The terminology helps you to build WordPress vocabulary and make working with WordPress easier. FTP File Transport […]

Professional bloggers, website developers, nonprofessionals and many others try to know more about site optimization tips and tricks. Coma Web Development is happy to share with you some WordPress secrets. Some people would call such secrets as a WordPress knowledge but not all know how to manage better backups and updates. Backups Let’s assume that […]

As you already recognized, Coma Web Development is a WordPress website developer. We already posted the list of the right WordPress developer skills. Today we want to go more into details about some of them. Of course, we wish our customer stay with us but we still wish to describe the qualities of the professional WordPress […]

Do you plan to switch your LiveJournal to WordPress? Yes? Then it is worth to read this article. LiveJournal is a nice platform to publish your journal entries, however, it is extremely limited. This is one of the reasons why many users switch to WordPress. Coma Web Development provides for you a step by step […]

WordPress gallery plugins Are you looking for WordPress gallery plugins? Still not sure which one to choose? Then this is the right article for you. Coma Web Development presents and compares some popular WordPress gallery plugins. Let’s start! Envira Gallery Envira Gallery can be called as an easy plugin to use. This plugin will be […]